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If you don’t want to depend on other companies to place music for you, how do you successfully place your music in film, TV, advertising and video games on your own?
(And if you do have an in-house sync-team how do you take song placements to the next level?)

People fail to place music on their own, because they don’t understand the core of what drives a successful song placement strategy.

They also don’t understand the kind of information they actually need to successful place music.

Imagine buying a book. And just sitting at a table and flipping through a few pages. Or worse, getting 10 books and then ripping out random pages, and trying to make sense of the story you read. Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it?

Yet, that’s exactly what people try do every day when they try to pitch music.

They buy contact directories, Redbooks for $3,000 a year, IMDB Pro memberships, or any other resources, yet they don’t actually have a STRATEGY on how to use any of that information.

And despite having amazing music, they never successfully place any of it.

Having a pitch strategy and actionable information is the core to song placement success

(Actionable) Information Pitch Strategy Pitching Song Placements

Most people that want to place music concentrate on gathering massive contact lists (information that’s not actionable) or on just pitching to anyone without a strategy.

Yet, it’s creating a pitch strategy– finding, matching and making smart use of the right kind of information - both in the short-term as well as in the long-term, that creates the most song placements.

The reason why most people fail in placing music is because of an inability to translate this mountain of information into something actionable on a consistent basis and in real-time.

Why? Because placing songs is a marathon and not a sprint, so you have to find the optimal way to use the information.

In fact, one of the biggest problems is not the amount of information that’s available, but that the information in the market is fragmented and is NOT actionable. It just sits there.

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Your Music


Earn Money, PR Exposure

Many people resign themselves to the fact that “it’s all about the people you know.”

While it’s true that relationships are key, what’s really important is opening the doors in the first place, but doing so in the right way. What is the right way? We’ll tell you.

Also keep in mind, that music buyers are always hungry for the right music, especially if it is new and fresh and if it fits the project.

After all, many music buyers are known for having found the next hidden gem of a song or breaking the next band.

There are many music publishers that actually do all this research manually by calling, crossreferencing and matching key information themselves from the many resources they need to purchase.

Try to do it for 1 week. No better, try to do it for 1 day. No, try to do it for only 1 hour.

What if you could get the strength of a professional in-house sync team? Actually, what if you could “super-size” that sync-team? What if you could have intelligence that could enable you to take your song placement strategy to the next level?

Some of the world’s top music industry professionals trust MusicSupervisorGuide
So how can Music Supervisor Guide help?



is built on 3 main parts:

1.100s of Film & TV Project Listings

Are you doing months of cold-calling to find out if a music supervisor is working on any projects?

Just finding out which projects are active can become a hassle. Having no clue, makes you look unprepared and unprofessional when you do approach a music supervisor.

Be The First To Know & The First To Pitch Your Music

Our project listings contain the project status of hundreds of active film & TV projects, updated every week, so you can be the first to know about a project status and be the first to pitch your music.

Please note: We do not work with the music supervisors or music buyers and do not list cue sheets or music requirements (i.e. which type of music is needed, score composer requirements, etc.). As music requirements can change on a daily basis, we advise you to check with the music supervisors directly on any given project that’s active.

Get Project Status Updates

We even tell which ones have recently become inactive so you don’t waste your time trying to approach a supervisor about something that’s already finished.

Linked To The Right Music Supervisor

And yes, of course they are cross-referenced and linked directly to the right music supervisor.

Whether you’re just starting out or are an industry pro, if you’re serious about song placements, this is a must-have tool all on it’s own.

If you’re wondering if you should make this investment, then you’re not serious about placing music and this is not for you.

This site is wonderful because it is constantly being updated with new Music Supervisors and projects with current contact information.

It is extremely useful for our company because it lists past projects that Music Supervisors have worked on which gives you wonderful insight on the types of music and/or projects that they work on.

All of the Music Supervisors are working on Major Film studio projects and Major TV Network shows.

Kevin Teasley is Composer and Sound Designer at Distortion MX , a cutting-edge music and sound design production company.

Recent credits include:
2.Music Supervisor Directory

Are you painstakingly gathering music buyer infos from 4 or more different sources?

Are you trying to piece-meal together music supervisors for film & TV, then for video game companies, then for advertising agencies?

Having a lot of scattered resources can be costly and difficult to maintain over the long run, besides becoming expensive. The information is also not actionable.

Film, TV, Advertising & Video Game Contacts

Our directory provides you direct contact info’s to music buyers, including their mailing address, fax, phone or email (where available), covering film, TV, advertising and video games.

Frequently Updated

Our directory is updated every 3-6 months to ensure we track the frequent movements of the top music supervisors out there.


We’ve cross-referenced film & TV music supervisor projects so you can be strategic and know what a supervisor has worked on before you approach them.

Spending time to manually connect the dots is wasting your time when you should be creating relationships and pitching your music…

MusicSupervisorGuide.com is a great resource tool for our company. It helps in further enhancing our creative efforts, and also has been effective at forming new relationships with Music Supervisors and other creatives.

The ability to find out who's handling what show is an incredibly valuable tool that not only saves time, but also allows us to pitch for more spots without having to spend necessary research time.

Frank Liwall, President
The Royalty Network, Inc.

Gathering lots of information that’s not actionable is like a nice cake - it’s nice to look at, but it can lead you down the wrong path.

MusicSupervisorGuide.com is a superb resource for marketing our music to the film and television community. Their database is incredibly thorough and user-friendly and covers not just production companies but also advertising contacts.

The inclusion of advertising agency personnel makes this database particularly useful and costeffective. You will not find a more comprehensive collection of contacts in one place on the Web.

Doug Astrop, Owner, Lion Eagle Productions

3.Insider research

There’s no way around it - everybody who wants to pitch music needs to research about how to go about it - that take a long time to gather, but what if you could get a head-start?

So you're excited to get going, but you don't know how to pitch your music. You don't even know if you should be sending in CD samplers or if you should send your music some other way.

Then once you've sent something in, how and when to follow up? It is a tedious task to gather that information that could years to accumulate.

Get A Head-Start With Valuable Insider Research

Get access to insider research and save yourself time and money.

Get Actual Feedback From Music Supervisors

Get actual feedback from music supervisors on how they want you to contact them, when to follow up and much more.

Spend Your Time More Productively

Be more efficient with your time and focus on selecting the right music for the latest active projects and creating lasting relationships with music buyers.

Strategically work on pitching your music versus throwing around your music aimlessly…

MusicSupervisorGuide.com seems to be the place to go to quickly and easily access all you need to know to contact those in charge of selecting the music for TV, films, video games, and advertising.

I recommend this as an excellent resource for my students and readers who are pursuing music placements in these areas.

Jason Blume, Author & Hit Songwriter

Looking for a quick, easy way to riches?

If you’re looking for promises of a get-rich quick scheme, then this service is NOT for you. You will need to make use of the information we provide and apply it to fit your music catalog.

If you’re looking for actionable tools & information, real-world experience and information to take your song placements to the next level, then you’re in the right place.

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MusicSupervisorGuide.com provides an excellent service. I was able to attain many up to date music supervisor contacts in the film, television, and advertising industry that I would have not ...

Kevin King K.I.C. Entertainment LLC

We have been working with MusicSupervisorGuide.com for a few months now and it has helped us forge many useful relationships with music supervisors for film, TV, advertising, and video games. ...

Chris Bragg Sly Media Productions

I sent out emails to virtually every name listed on the site. I did hear back from Paramount and Lionsgate and have since sent them some music. I am currently waiting to hear back from them. I'm ...

Steven Rosen East of Steven Music (ASCAP)

MusicSupervisorGuide.com seems to be the place to go to quickly and easily access all you need to know to contact those in charge of selecting the music for TV, films, video games, and ...

Jason Blume Author, Hit Songwriter


We could find lots of interesting contacts, especially in USA. Usefulness: 4/5 stars Customer Support: 5/5 stars Overall experience: 4/5 stars Vivien Kiper, Music Supervisor Cristal Publishing ...

Vivien Kiper Cristal Publishing


The site is a great supplement to other resources that are out there ie: imdb etc. I would recommend it for people looking for a more comprehensive resource of current info and projects. ...

Paul Roper Dualtone Music Group

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Music Supervisor Guide

Everything You Need To Place Music. Yourself.
#1 Tool to Place Your Music