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Music Placement Opportunities in Film & TV

Rely on MusicSupervisorGuide’s team of experts to keep track of literally 100’s of film & TV projects and their music supervisors. Save months of research every year and access active projects instantly.

Covering all major studios and TV networks, such as:


” All of the Music Supervisors are working on Major Film studio projects and Major TV Network shows. This site is wonderful because it is constantly being updated with new Music Supervisors and projects with current contact information. It is extremely useful for our company because it lists past projects that Music Supervisors have worked on which gives you wonderful insight on the types of music and/or projects that they work on.

- Kevin Teasley

Composer and Sound Designer at Distortion MX

Credits include:


Access the top 2,000 music buyers.

Access over 2,000 music buyers working for the leading film studios, TV networks, video game companies, and ad agencies. All in a single directory with direct contact information, such as email, phone and a mailing address.


” is a great resource tool for our company. It helps in further enhancing our creative efforts, and also has been effective at forming new relationships with Music Supervisors and other creatives. The ability to find out who’s handling what show is an incredibly valuable tool that not only saves time, but also allows us to pitch for more spots without having to spend necessary research time.

- Frank Liwall, President

The Royalty Network, Inc.

Credits include:

Brilliant. Music buyers revealed.

Music supervisors reveal how to approach them.

Should I send CDs or send an email? When should I follow up? I can get the answer to these and other questions with a click of a button.

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