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The smarter way to license your music.
Match your music to active projects, by music genre & by key music buyers.
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What is MusicSupervisorGuide?


01. 1,000+ Music Buyers

Contact key music buyers & music supervisors in Film, TV, Advertising and Video Games directly – worldwide. No more middlemen.


02. 1,000+ Film & TV Projects

Find out about 1,000+ of real film & TV projects looking for music that are updated every week and are cross-referenced to the right music buyers.


03. Research

Finally, a smarter way to get your music into the right hands. Match your song catalog by genre, music buyer and much more.

Newest Feature

Live Training

If you’re serious about getting your music placed and are ready to take the next step, then MusicSupervisorGuide is ready to help you.

If you qualify, we will provide you with live training and support from our in-house staff who have a successful track record of getting 1,000s of song placements as well as access to training with top music publishers and music supervisors. Please get in touch to find out if you qualify today.

Projects from Major Studios & TV Networks



With this exclusive feature, we’re enabling you to more intelligently match your music catalog with active projects & what music buyers are looking for. Now, you won’t be pitching music blindly to people that would never use your music. With just a glance you’ll be able to see a genre breakdown of what music is used on specific TV shows & movies – per music buyer.


How can I join?

Great! Let’s first find out if we’re a good match. Let’s connect right now, so we can identify your needs and offer you the right service.

I have more questions

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Does this sound like you?

I am a publisher looking to place songs in the hands of music supervisors directly. I have the experience to know not to waste their time and to give them only the best stuff.

I`ve signed a handful of synch licenses through a third party, now, ultimately, I want to build relationships with music supervisors to pitch directly.

I want to know about real opportunities - not like those listed on certain music sites, but real placement opportunities.