Music Supervisor Brian Ross

Music Supervisor Brian Ross

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Music Supervisor Brian Ross

Music Supervisor and Artist Manager Brian Ross was a musician until his mid-twenties. Exhausted from the gruelling schedule, he switched into the business side of things while still staying true to his creative talents by selecting music for megahit movies.

His love for music and artists led him to eventually found a new artist management company called Elliptic Management in Los Angeles in 2014. In fact, his roster includes such great acts as Blackalicious, Chief Excel and Enemy Planes, just to name a few.

He speaks about his passion for the industry and working on selecting music for some amazing Hollywood Blockbusters featuring huge stars such as Jake Gyllenhaal (Nightcrawler), George Clooney (Michael Clayton), or Julia Roberts (Duplicity).

From his many years in the industry, Brian Ross dishes on the importance of listening, common mistakes such as over-selling and being too pushy and what to do about it. He also gives some fantastic advice on how to get a break in the business.

Here are just a few highlights you’ll take away from this interview:

  • His origins in music which became ‘gruelling and painful’
  • ‘Naturally’ evolving into management and building his own agency
  • Do’s and dont’s in the music business
  • Some of the biggest mistakes people make
  • How not to believe the hype
  • Song selection processes for movies and television
  • The volume of music he receives & and how he organizes it
  • How you should get started with music placements
  • The best way to make your mark
  • The value of good timing and how you can profit from it
  • Networking and how to build relationships
  • The decline of the ‘crazy bender’ and late nights!
  • And much, much more
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Show notes & timing of this interview:

00:16 – How Brian Ross got started
02:48 – Advice for newbies
03:52 – Common mistakes to avoid
06:59 – Brian Ross song selection process
08:52 – Music Brian Ross receives per hour (!)
09:56 – How to get music placements
12:56 – Thoughts on digital submissions
14:03 – Submissions: Vocals & instrumentals?
14:47 – Song requests
17:02 – Trusted network for song requests
17:36 – Where Brian typically sources music
19:19 – Popular music genres
19:58 – Negotiating a song placement
20:59 – Wild times?
22:31 – Current focus & projects


  1. My background is this:
    I played violin in two Broadway shows, and played extensively in a number of classical and commercial venues in NYC over about 30 years. I have composed over 300 songs, available notated and in recordings, none ever published. I believe some have commercial value. A number have been copyrighted.


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