Music Supervisor David Franco

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Music Supervisor David Franco

“Melody, melody, melody” – David Franco

David Franco has an amazing career as a music supervisor spanning already over 40+ years.

He’s worked on iconic TV dramas such as Dallas or Falcon Crest and hand-selected music for the big screen, including movies such as Gettysburg, The Hills Have Eyes, and Into the Wild.

In fact, he has over 100 credits to his name, so his advise is something you’ll want to listen to. He covers topics such as:

  • The magic formula for writing a hit song for film & TV
  • How to become a trusted source for music
  • Everybody can win a Grammy, right?
  • What it’s like to work with movie directors (you want me to do what?!)
  • How to submit your music and what mistakes to avoid
  • and much more…
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Selected Links

Selected movies & TV shows Music Supervisor David Franco has worked on:

Show notes & timing of this interview:

  • 00:07 – Introduction
  • 00:32 – How it all started for David Franco
  • 05:30 – David Franco’s significant influences on his career
  • 06:29 – The role of music in movies
  • 07:28 – David Franco’s typical involvement
  • 12:00 – Working with movie directors
  • 13:39 – Paths to success
  • 18:17 – Networking
  • 19:07 – David Franco’s Magic Formula for a hit song
  • 22:19 – How to get started with no experience
  • 23:55 – How to contact a music supervisor directly
  • 26:42 – How to become a trusted source for music
  • 28:37 – Notes on negotiating a music license
  • 32:13 – Biggest mistakes people make
  • 34:36 – In what format to submit music
  • 35:49 – How to categorize your music
  • 37:08 – Popular music genres
  • 37:44 – Everybody can win a Grammy, right?
  • 39:04 – Music selection process
  • 41:44 – Vocals vs instrumental tracks
  • 42:42 – David Franco’s upcoming projects
  • 45:46 – Did you know this about David Franco?


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