Music Supervisor George Acogny

Music Supervisor George Acogny

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Music Supervisor George Acogny

When George Acogny isn’t practicing one of his many instruments or accepting the nomination for Best Composer at the Asian Film Awards, he can be found selecting music for any number of movies or TV shows, such as Blood Diamond, Save the Last Dance and The Bone Collector.

Respect the client and respect yourself. Be on time and deliver. Do what you say you will do. – George Acogny

If the number of languages he speaks doesn’t impress you (five!), then the many jobs that he holds will: music producer, consultant, supervisor, composer and licenser. Just to name a few.

We think his words hold some pretty heavy weight.

Here’s a sneak peak at what George Acogny reveals in his interview:

  • There’s a trick to getting noticed (hint: it’s not your music)
  • The biggest mistake you can make when working with a music supervisor
  • Even the bigwigs have role models and influencers – what are George’s?
  • What happens to your music when he likes it, but he doesn’t have a place for it?
  • Find out who the most important people are in the industry who you should be working with
  • George Acogny’s crazy cool experiences while living abroad
  • And much more…

Being that I’m a musician and a creative person – I let all my instincts flow. – George Acogny

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Show notes & timings of the interview with George Acogny:

00:15 – Introduction
00:23 – How George Acogny got into the music business
02:43 – Moment that impacted George Acogny’s path in the music biz
03:36 – George Acogny: my typical day
05:59 – Advice for newbies
06:28 – Networking
07:47 – How to network
09:08 – Who to collaborate with
10:06 – Biggest mistakes people make
10:31 – George Acogny’s song selection process
13:21 – How to get music on the big screen
15:11 – Amount of music George gets every week
16:15 – CD’s or email links?
17:27 – Current sources for music
19:33 – How to become a trusted source for music
22:26 – Other ways to get noticed
23:21 – On negotiating a placement fee
25:27 – Popular music genres for film & TV
26:34 – Current projects
28:04 – George’s crazy experiences
29:16 – Bet you didn’t know that


  1. Here’s a lot to respect. It’s hard not to be humble around people like this. There will not be anything trivial said by this man.

  2. My background is this:
    I played violin in two Broadway shows, and played extensively in a number of classical and commercial venues in NYC over about 30 years. I have composed over 300 songs, available notated and in recordings, none ever published. I believe some have commercial value. A number have been copyrighted.


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