Music Supervisor Julia Michels

Julia Michels has been the music supervisor for "Sex and the City 2", "The Devil Wears Prada", "Pitch Perfect", "The Other Woman" and many more.

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Music Supervisor Julia Michels

Here’s another awesome music supervisor interview I’d love to share with you.

Music Supervisor Julia Michels is known for having hand-selected music for blockbuster movies such as “The Devil Wears Prada” or “Sex and the City 2” and a ton of other movies too many to list. Her insights into the music business are invaluable.

This time Music Supervisor Julia Michels explains:

  • the key to success in the music business
  • her song selection process
  • what infos to include when sending music
  • how to negotiate (or not to negotiate!) the song licensing fee
  • and much more…
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Show notes & timing of this interview:

  • 00:15 – Introduction
  • 00:26 – How Julia got into the music business
  • 03:55 – A typical day in the life of Julia
  • 05:32 – Key to success in the music business
  • 06:33 – Advise for newbies
  • 08:52 – Julia’s song selection process
  • 10:20 – Amount of music Julia receives and how she categorizes it
  • 11:25 – Format in which Julia accepts music
  • 12:24 – Instrumentals vs vocal tracks
  • 13:16 – How to get on specific song requests
  • 14:23 – How to get in contact with Julia
  • 16:26 – Issues when trying to work with small indie artist
  • 17:54 – Infos needed when submitting music
  • 18:35 – Popular music for placement
  • 20:38 – Biggest mistakes people make
  • 21:39 – How to negotiate a song licensing fee
  • 23:03 – Fun experiences for Julia
  • 24:00 – Projects Julia is working on right now
  • 25:49 – Surprise info about Julia
  • 26:16 – Julia & the L.A. Lakers


  1. This is incredible! Since I was a freshman in high school I’ve dreamed of being a music supervisor. I aspire to be like Julia Michels and these interviews motivate me remarkably 🙂 Thank you to Julia Michels and Jack White for creating these interviews, they help me so much.

  2. Thank you for sharing your experience as a Music Supervisor. I’m a big fan of many of the movies you worked on. I am currently working as an agent for the Artist (Anne-Marie Borgelioen) who created the globe that was presumably used by Universal Studio’s (they don’t know it yet) as their logo between 1990 and 1997. Anne-Marie and I our developing a project that requires more information about the last score in the movie “August Rush”. I understand you are busy, however if there is a better way to contact you to ask some questions, please leave the information via the email provided. Thank You for your time.

  3. Hello I have grown up in the industry and am quite familiar with the work of Julia Michels.
    I believe that she worked at EMI with Pat, ( head of department) Oscar Mazzola and Ayiko Carmichael who was Oscar’s assistant.
    Always great to hear the experiences of like minds and to see that they are working to insure that we continue to have great music for great movies.


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