Music Supervisor Selena Arizanovic

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Music Supervisor Selena Arizanovic

Rambo, The Expendables, Conan The Barbarian. You’d be expect an equally massively built-person featured on these Blockbusters to select the music for them. But you’d be wrong – it’s petite, salsa-dancing Selena Arizanovic from Nu Image Film & Millennium Films. And no doubt, the music she selects certainly is epic all by itself.

With over 100 credits to her name, she gives us an inside peek at how she works. She covers topics such as:

  • How to network yourself into the industry the right way
  • How to pitch music to her
  • A “typical” work-week that is anything but typical
  • Music trends in film & TV and much, much more…
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Show notes & timing of this interview:

00:00 – Introduction
00:20 – Overview on music supervision
04:22 – How Selena Arizanovic got started
06:12 – Selena Arizanovic’s significant life influences
11:40 – Selena’s “typical” work week
15:33 – Things to consider when entering the music business
16:18 – Networking in the music business
16:44 – Who to network with
18:49 – How to get your music on TV, movie, etc.
21:48 – How Selena prefers to receive music
23:33 – How Selena discovers & categorize new music
26:10 – Sources for your music
27:42 – How Selena sources for music
30:35 – How to get in touch with Selena
32:00 – Things to remember when reaching out
33:45 – What to include when submitting music
34:40 – Biggest mistakes you can make
37:23 – Song selection process
40:08 – Negotiating the licensing fee
41:15 – Factors that impact a licensing fee
44:27 – Recent music trends in film & TV
45:17 – Selena’s fun experiences in the business
48:14 – Surprises about Selena?


  1. My background is this:
    I played violin in two Broadway shows, and played extensively in a number of classical and commercial venues in NYC over about 30 years. I have composed over 300 songs, available notated and in recordings, none ever published. I believe some have commercial value. A number have been copyrighted.


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