The Harry Fox Agency Ex-Director Castellucci On Licensing Music

Vincent Castellucci - The Harry Fox Agency, Warner/Chappell Music Publishing, digitalmiX

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Vincent Castellucci, music consultant & former Director at the Harry Fox Agency

We’ve had the pleasure to interview music industry veteran Vincent Castellucci, who will dish on everything he knows about getting your music licensed for film, TV and more.

As a former Senior Director at the Harry Fox Agency, Vincent has generated more than $556 million annually (yes millions!) during his tenure at the company while overseeing the Licensing Department managers on staff, including Mechanical, Film, TV, Advertising, all Synch and Index Departments.

After leaving the Harry Fox Agency, Vincent Castellucci’s own company has licensed music in major Hollywood blockbusters and hit TV shows from ‘James Bond’ to ‘Sex and the City’ and everything in between. So his advice is some something you’ll want to pay close attention to.

Today Vincent Castellucci reveals:

  • How you can get started getting your music on movies and TV
  • What you absolutely need to avoid doing
  • Things you probably didn’t consider when pitching your music
  • Which genres are in demand
  • Creative ways to collaborate in the music business
  • Why making friends with college students can be a way to get your music on the next blockbuster (really!?)
  • How to get an “in” with music supervisors
  • Discover how to creatively structure deals with music supervisors to get more of your music placed
  • and much more…

“I guess the bottom line to all of this is to study, study, study and to know your targets and make connections.” – Vincent Castellucci, digitalmiX, Former Senior Director at the Harry Fox Agency

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Show notes:

  • 00:17 – Introduction
  • 01:00 – How Vincent got into the music business
  • 03:58 – Advice for newcomers
  • 08:21 – Ways to build a relationship with a music supervisor
  • 10:06 – Walk-through on how you can get started
  • 12:33 – Do you need large catalog to get started?
  • 13:13 – Big mistakes to avoid
  • 14:10 – Time required to get a song placement
  • 15:21 – Popular music genres for licensing music
  • 15:54 – Instrumentals versus full songs with vocals
  • 16:33 – Additional methods to make money from your music
  • 17:28 – Other ways to increase your level of success in the industry
  • 18:51 – Creative ways to structure deals with music supervisors
  • 19:14 – Thoughts about the Harry Fox Agency from a former insider
  • 20:32 – A few more pieces of advice for songwriters & artists
  • 21:46 – Last words of advice for music publishers

About Vincent Castellucci:

Vincent Castellucci broke the mold for music publishers over the years working for musical giants like Warner/Chappell Music Publishing securing music under his supervision from artists like The Cars, Rod Stewart and George Michael. At the Harry Fox Agency he was the Senior Directory of the Licensing Division and the sync department and he is currently the President for Castellucci Consulting Corp.

On top of a stellar professional career, Castellucci has been the editor of over 17 books regarding all areas of the music and entertainment industries, and countless articles in the trades, is the creator of award winning music sync licensing site, and has won over 47 performance awards.

Vincent is not only bright, but he actually knows and understands the music business in particular music publishing. His years of experience give him insights that few others possess.
– Sindee Levin, Music Publisher/Attorney

I have known and worked with Vince for many years. His knowledge of the Music Publishing Industry and Business is unparalleled. – John Pace, Corporate Communications at B&H Photo Video

Vincent was the go to guy at the Harry Fox Agency, treating all publisher principals with equal respect. He obtained results but also took time to mentor those relatively new to rights management. – Robbie Fields, Art Critic at Robert Von Anzen


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